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Hello, I'm Cung.
I gather publicly available information from LinkedIn and provide organizations with up-to-date information on their target audiences. Dissatisfied with the existing data scraping tools, I developed a better, more accurate LinkedIn scraper tool to process larger volumes of data faster. My software collects LinkedIn data from millions of personal and company profiles, helping clients streamline their lead generation, market research, competitive analysis, and other business objectives. Read more

Let me know what you need, and I will scrape LinkedIn and get it for you.

Done-for-You LinkedIn Data Scraping — How It Works

Step 1: Tell me what you need

Complete this form and tell me what you need. 

If you still need to decide on your requirements, you can use the form to ask questions about LinkedIn data scraping or even book a call. I’ll work with you to create a solid plan with precise requirements, reliable timescales, and fixed costs.

Step 2: I collect LinkedIn data

Once I have your search criteria, the software can begin collecting the data you need. 

My advanced LinkedIn data scraping tool can extract all the necessary data and organize it into an intelligently structured spreadsheet that’s easy to use.

Step 3: You get your collected data

First, you get a sample to review. 

If any tweaks are needed, I’ll make the necessary adjustments. Once you’re happy with the sample data, I’ll deliver the complete extracted data in the format you need so you can start leveraging the insights to achieve your business objectives.

Trusted by Organizations in 20 Countries

Cung is a master. Excellent skills, fantastic communicator, and an exceptionally talented engineer. If he can't do it, no body can. Highly recommend!

Project: LinkedIn Company Scraping

Cung is professional and highly capable. He can do things that many others will say are impossible. Worth every penny. Stop scrolling, and start hiring!

Project: LinkedIn Scrape - Standard Account Sample

Amazing work on a large lead generation / scraping project. Clear communication, results that lined up exactly with expectations. Hope to work with Cung again and again

Project: Scrape social network

LinkedIn Data Scraping for Researchers, Recruiters, and Marketers

Create an updated database with real-time, accurate, risk-free data from LinkedIn public profiles with a done-for-you LinkedIn data and email scraping service.

Qualified leads • Companies • Sales prospecting • Potential candidates • Competitor analysis

Large Scale, Fast Turnaround

I designed this LinkedIn data scraping service to handle large-scale projects with fast turnaround times. Unlike other LinkedIn scraping tools that may be limited in speed or the amount of data they can gather, my custom-built tool allows me to scrape an unrestricted volume of data.

Effortless Linkedin Data Scraping

You have no learning curve, as I handle all the technical aspects of LinkedIn data scraping. All you need to do is provide your search criteria, and my in-house software will run queries to extract the live, current data you need.

Real-Time LinkedIn User Data

My live data scraping solution gathers the most current information available. You can be confident that you are making informed decisions based on the most recent and accurate data. Whether you need to stay on top of market trends, monitor competitor activity, or generate new leads, this live data scraping solution will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

The Most Accurate LinkedIn Scraper

The LinkedIn data scraping service provides laser-targeted, clean data that saves you time and resources. With advanced data cleaning techniques, the data you receive is free of mismatches, duplicates, and emojis, so you don’t have to spend time on data cleansing. Jump straight to using the data to inform your business decisions instead of spending time cleaning and organizing it.

Independent of Your LinkedIn Account

This software is risk-free for you. I don’t require access to your personal or company LinkedIn or Sales Navigator accounts. Unlike other data scraping services that may put your LinkedIn account at risk of suspension or ban, my service is designed to operate independently for your peace of mind.

What Makes Different

Why My Clients Keep Coming back

Another successful LinkedIn scraping project with Cung. I've used his help before and will use it again in the future as he always delivers!

Project: LinkedIn scraping task for Cung

Cung delivered excellent work on this task. Communication and cooperation were great. I hope to work with him again in the future.

Project: Scrapping Employees [Batch #2]

Cung was able to get all the data we needed super quick. He was very responsive and helpful in everything we asked for. I'd definitely work with him again.

Project: Scrape social network

LinkedIn data for A Significant Business Edge

LinkedIn Sales Navigator • Company Pages • Personal LinkedIn Profiles • LinkedIn Groups

Basic profile information

The user's name, headline, location, current job title, current company and skills

Contact information

Email addresses, phone numbers, and other public contact information

Profile network information

How many connections and followers users have

Experience history

Past and current work positions – including title, company, location, date range, etc.

Education history

Education entries – including school, degree, date range, etc.

Company data

Size, location, industry, employee information, specialties, foundation year, and website address

Job postings

Job titles, descriptions, and requirements

    "Name": "Anthony J James",
    "Connections": "500",
    "Followers": "4075244",
    "HeadLine": "CEO, Innovation, Technology & 
                 Growth at Trinity Consulting",
    "Job Title": "Chairperson of the Board",
    "Company": "Trinity Consulting Services",
    "Industry": "Advertising Services",
    "Size": "2-10",
        "School": "University of Technology, 
        "Degree": "Bachelor of Business, 
                   Marketing, Communications & 
                   Public Relations",
        "Date Range": "1990 - 1992",
        "//": "..."
        "Company": "B2Bx",
        "Title": "Chief Growth Officer & CEO",
        "Date Range": "Nov 2021 - present",
        "//": "..."
    "Skills": "International Marketing, Social 
               Media Marketing, Business 
               Strategy, Marketing 
               Strategy, Strategic Planning,...",
    "//": "..."

Get Your LinkedIn Data Now

LinkedIn Profile Scraping

Linkedin Profile Scraping

Unlock comprehensive LinkedIn profiles with a data scraping tool that considers the criteria that matters to you.
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Linkedin Company Scraping

Get comprehensive datasets on companies, startups, and other organizations with just a click.
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LinkedIn Email Scraping

Linkedin Email Scraping

Access verified email addresses of potential leads, decision-makers, and buyers to boost your next outreach campaigns.
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Why LinkedIn Data Scraping

Lead Generation

My accurate data is excellent for finding potential customers and building targeted lists of leads for your business.


LinkedIn public data helps you identify potential candidates who meet your job requirements.

Sales Prospecting

Use the public data I scrape from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to learn more about potential clients and tailor your sales pitch

Competitor Analysis

I scrape Linkedin data from competitor profiles to give you insights into their business strategies, hiring practices, and more

Market Research

Data from LinkedIn can help you identify industry trends, analyze customer behavior, and more

Want to Know More about LinkedIn Data Scraping?

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