Linkedin Profile Scraping

Do you need to collect real-time data from LinkedIn users but don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself? I’ve got you covered!

With my custom-made software, I can scrape data from LinkedIn’s millions of public profiles with just a few clicks. And the best part? I don’t need access to your LinkedIn profile or Sales Navigator account.

My LinkedIn data scraping “done-for-you” service can provide you with:
So, what are you waiting for? Gain a competitive edge with more information about your audience, individual employees, or the companies they work for.
Anthony J James
Trinity Consulting Services
Headline CEO, Innovation, Technology & Growth at Trinity Consulting
Job Title Chairperson of the Board
LocationSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Experiences [{ Company : "Trinity Consulting Services",
Title : "Chairperson of the Board"
Date range : "May 2022 - present", ... }, ...]
Educations [{ School : "University of Technology, Sydney",
Degree : "Bachelor of Business, Marketing, Communications & Public Relations",
Date range : "1990 - 1992", ... }, ...]
SkillsInternational Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, ...
... ...

LinkedIn scraping customized to your specific criteria

Scraping data from LinkedIn has never been easier. Save your time and resources with done-for-you data collection and analysis so you can focus on using the data to achieve your goals. 

I extract public data from LinkedIn profiles based on your customized search criteria. This way, you obtain the exact public data you need — job titles, phone numbers, company names, locations, industries, websites, and more.

It’s the right service if you need data for lead generation, recruiting top talent, or gaining a competitive edge in your industry. You get all the data in your format of choice (.xls, .xlsx, .ods, or .csv file), so you can upload it to your CRM and use it immediately.

LinkedIn data scraping based on a list of URLs

Do you have a list of potential leads or candidates, and you’re looking for a way to obtain their LinkedIn data easily? Look no further! With my custom-made data scraping tool, you can get all the publicly available information you need from LinkedIn profiles based on your list of URLs.

Whether a recruiter or a sales professional, this service can save you time and effort. My tool can even scrape data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator URLs and unformatted URLs, so you’re not limited to regular profiles.

Don’t worry about violating data privacy laws – I strictly adhere to ethical scraping practices. With my LinkedIn scraping tool, you can get the information you need while staying within the boundaries of data privacy laws.

Scraping employee data by job title or role

You don’t have to waste hours sifting through LinkedIn profiles looking for the right employees. Let me take the load off your shoulders. My custom-made software lets me extract data from LinkedIn profiles based on specific job titles or functions. It’s all quick and accurate.

This service is perfect for anyone looking to streamline their hiring process, build a targeted list of potential candidates, or gather valuable insights on competitors’ workforce. And the best part? All the information you receive is up-to-date, ensuring you’re making decisions based on the most accurate data.

So, whether you’re a recruiter, HR professional, or business owner looking to expand your team, let me help you take the next step toward success. Give me your target company list, and I’ll provide the data you need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Scraping data from LinkedIn groups

Scraping publicly available data from LinkedIn groups can provide insights into a specific target audience’s interests, opinions, and behaviors. I can scrape LinkedIn data from hundreds of groups with thousands of active members, all grouped around specific interests, roles, or disciplines.

With my service, you can inform product development, craft effective marketing strategies, and improve customer service initiatives.

Name the LinkedIn group – or groups – and I’ll get to work. You’ll receive all the information you need about its members, formatted exactly how you need it. With my LinkedIn data scraping service, you can better understand your target audience and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

Enrich your database with real-time LinkedIn data

Take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level! My powerful LinkedIn scraping tool can extract valuable information about your leads, including their job titles, interests, industry, location, and more.

Not only does this help you better understand your leads and target them more effectively, but it also saves you time and money by automating the data enrichment process.

Plus, with real-time data updates, you can rest assured that your CRM is always up-to-date and accurate. Let me help you unlock the power of LinkedIn data scraping and take your business to the next level!

LinkedIn scraping FAQs

LinkedIn data scraping is extracting data from LinkedIn profiles using automated software. Depending on your needs, the data can include various information, such as name, job title, location, company name, industry, etc.

My software doesn’t require access to your accounts, so you don’t risk being banned from the platform. Connecting your LinkedIn profile to unauthorized scraping tools you find on the internet may violate the platform’s terms of service.

LinkedIn data scraping can help with lead generation and provide competitive intelligence and valuable insights into your company’s qualified leads. You can also use it for market research and data-driven decision-making.

I use custom-made software to provide real-time data scraped from LinkedIn profiles, company pages, groups, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. My process also includes data cleaning and formatting to get accurate records. You can’t find better than that! 


Describe what data you need to scrape from LinkedIn or simply ask a question to discuss your project. I'll get you well taken care of.