LinkedIn Data Scraping FAQs

LinkedIn scraping involves using automated tools to extract publicly available data from LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and job posts. This data can include personal details like work and education history, skills, and sometimes contact information, as well as company details and job listings. It’s a powerful way for businesses to gather market intelligence, generate leads, or conduct recruitment.

Yes, the data I provide is accurate and up-to-date. I scrape real-time data that reflects the latest changes on LinkedIn, so it serves your business and research purposes effectively. You will receive the newest data available, even if someone updates their LinkedIn profile hours before I extract it.

After encountering limitations with commercially available LinkedIn scraping software, I developed my own custom data scraping tool. This proprietary technology is designed to maximize accuracy and extraction speed, allowing me to handle large volumes of data efficiently.

Yes, I can manage searches of any size, from small to large-scale data extractions. My software is optimized for speed and can bypass LinkedIn’s limitations, delivering orders within hours or days, depending on the project’s scope.

I can extract a wide range of data from LinkedIn, including:

  • Personal details such as work and education history, skills, and email addresses.
  • Detailed company information.
  • Job postings.
I ensure data accuracy by using to verify all email addresses collected. This reduces bounce rates and enhances the reliability of your outreach efforts.

Yes, you can fully customize the data you wish to collect. My services allow you to specify exactly what kind of data you need, using filters and criteria that match your project requirements. Whether you’re focused on specific industries, job roles, or geographic locations, I can tailor the data extraction to meet your needs.

The typical turnaround time for a scraping project is 1-2 business days. However, larger projects may take up to a week, depending on the volume and complexity of the data required.

The collected data is delivered in CSV, Excel, or JSON format, depending on your preference. Delivery is typically made via email or Google Drive, ensuring quick and secure access to the data.

I take data privacy and security seriously. All data collection is conducted in compliance with relevant legal and ethical standards, and I employ robust security measures to protect both the data collected and the privacy of individuals. This includes secure storage, handling, and transmission of data, along with strict access controls.

Pricing is primarily based on volume—the greater the quantity, the lower the per-record rate. We offer two categories for pricing calculations: emails and profiles (or companies). Please use the calculators to estimate the total cost of your project.

To get started, please fill in a “request a quote” form on my website. This will allow me to understand your needs and provide a tailored quote based on the scope and specifics of your project.

The main limitation of LinkedIn scraping is that not all profiles will have email addresses available. Typically, I can find emails for about 30% of the profiles scraped.

While I prefer payments through PayPal for its ease and security, I also accept bank transfers as a payment method to accommodate different client preferences.


Describe what data you need to scrape from LinkedIn or simply ask a question to discuss your project. I'll get you well taken care of.