As a solo entrepreneur at, I personally ensure that each service is executed with precision and tailored to meet your unique needs. Here’s how I can assist you:

Lead Generation
Perfect for outreach campaigns and sales initiatives, my Lead Generation service allows you to specify your exact search criteria to pinpoint the right prospects. Utilizing the full range of filters available on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I tailor searches to include industry, company size, job title, geographic location, and many more, ensuring that the leads you receive are as relevant and targeted as possible. Additionally, every email address is verified using, a leading email verification service, to minimize bounce rates and enhance the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. This process not only ensures the accuracy of the contact information but also significantly improves the deliverability and success of your campaigns. View sample
LinkedIn Profile Collection
When building a tailored dataset is key, my LinkedIn Profile Collection service offers a personalized solution. Ideal for projects where email addresses are not necessary—such as academic research, market analysis, or targeted recruitment—I provide meticulously gathered profiles based on your specified parameters. View sample
Profile Enrichment
If you already have a list of LinkedIn profiles but it lacks comprehensive details, my Profile Enrichment service can fill in the gaps. I enrich each profile with essential information, from contact details to work history and educational backgrounds, transforming basic lists into rich, actionable databases. View sample
Company Data Collection
Extracting detailed information directly from LinkedIn, my Company Data Collection service provides you with a comprehensive dataset, ideal for market analysis, competitive research, or strategic planning. This service digs deep to gather everything from company size and industry type to key employee data and other operational insights. Utilizing all available filters from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I can refine the data extraction to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that the information provided perfectly aligns with your strategic objectives. This targeted approach allows for precision in collecting the exact company details you need, enhancing your ability to make informed business decisions. View sample
Company Enrichment
For those who already have basic company data such as LinkedIn URLs or domains, I offer the Company Enrichment service. I expand your data with detailed insights, including advanced financials, recent developments, and strategic information to enhance your market competitiveness. View sample
API Access
Offering dynamic access to LinkedIn data, my API service is perfect for applications requiring real-time, up-to-date information. Ideal for live market analysis tools or on-the-fly data retrieval systems, this service ensures that you always have the most current data at your fingertips.
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