About me

Welcome to Cung.pro, your trusted source for LinkedIn scraping services. I am Cung, the founder and a seasoned LinkedIn scraping expert with a strong track record on the Upwork platform. My journey in data scraping began years ago, and since then, I have developed a robust system capable of handling large-scale data extraction from LinkedIn—quickly and efficiently. My clients on Upwork can vouch for the high-quality service I provide, marked by efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.
What sets my services apart is not just the advanced technology I employ but also my commitment to delivering precisely what you need. Whether you’re looking to gather hundreds of thousands of profiles a day, require high-quality email addresses, or need comprehensive data cleansing to ensure relevance and accuracy, I have you covered. My system is designed to apply advanced filters, similar to those available on LinkedIn Premium, making sure that the dataset you receive is tailor-made to meet your specific requirements—all at an affordable price.

Why Choose Cung.pro?

  • Speed and Scale: Capable of scraping hundreds of thousands of profiles daily.
  • Data Cleansing: I provide thorough data cleansing services to remove any irrelevant profiles, ensuring you get only the data that matters.
  • Quality Contacts: My service excels in finding high-quality email addresses, crucial for effective outreach and communication.
  • Cost-Effective: I offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or functionality.
  • Customized Data Sets: With advanced filtering options, I can tailor the data to meet your precise needs, exactly as you would using LinkedIn’s own premium tools.
As a solo entrepreneur, I am deeply involved in every project, ensuring personalized service and attention to detail that large companies simply can’t match. Your data needs are unique, and they deserve a personalized approach that you can only get here.
I am excited to help you leverage the full potential of LinkedIn data to drive your business success. Contact me today to see how I can make a difference in your data-driven strategies!


Describe what data you need to scrape from LinkedIn or simply ask a question to discuss your project. I'll get you well taken care of.