Linkedin Email Scraping

Do you feel overwhelmed by the time-consuming task of finding specific email addresses from LinkedIn or targeting companies with just some job titles? I’m here to help!

My LinkedIn email scraping software is hands down the best service out there. Why? Because I can get you all the current, verified, and usable email addresses you need directly from LinkedIn. You’ll get tens of thousands of email addresses before your competitors without using your login details!

And the best part? I can bypass LinkedIn’s daily search volume restrictions, which means I can get you ALL the publicly available data with large-scale search faster than most LinkedIn email extractors. Useful for:
You’ll have everything you need by this time tomorrow to start reaching out to potential clients and growing your business. You won’t find a better service anywhere else!
First Name Peter
Last Name Westin
LocationLake Forest, Illinois, United States
Email [email protected]
Job Title Vice Chairman of the Board, Co-founder, shareholder
Company Lake Forest College
SkillsEmerging Markets, Investment Banking, Equity Research, Capital Markets, ...
... ...

Save time with done-for-you Linkedin email scraping

I simplify LinkedIn email extraction by handling the entire process so you can focus your time and energy on other important business tasks. Select the criteria for the email scraping, and I’ll collect and verify the data, saving you time and effort.

I created and perfected the tools for extracting email addresses from LinkedIn to ensure the data collected is accurate and up-to-date. You don’t need to install a web app or Chrome extension. All the data you require arrives to you with no effort on your side.

More than a LinkedIn email scraper: 100% email verification

I only send you an email address after checking it. I validate email addresses with – the best verification service in the world. This way, you don’t pay for bulk email addresses that are invalid, inactive, or spam traps.

My data cleansing process makes this the best LinkedIn email scraper service available. I eliminate duplicates, unmatched records, and emojis or suffixes attached to the person’s name or company name. This way, you get a clean and accurate database to upload to your automation tool.

You can send your emails to precisely the right people, stop hitting spam filters, and see your response rate soar. It’s your chance to get an updated list of verified emails to use confidently as soon as you receive them.

Laser-targeted leads for your pipeline

Are you looking to find specific email addresses? I can help you out. You can search by a person’s details, the company’s details, or even both simultaneously! 

My software scrapes LinkedIn Sales navigator using accurate filters to find the leads you need. For example, I can do a broad search to find all the HR managers from a specific geographical area! But if you’re looking for something more targeted, I can narrow it down by company size, employee ranges, industry type, job titles, or exact keywords.

And don’t worry if you need help with what to search for – I can advise you on that, too!

LinkedIn email scraping from your list of companies

Do you have a list of LinkedIn company profile URLs, and you’re interested in getting the contact details of decision-makers within those companies? Send me the list, and I’ll take care of the rest!

I use my custom-made LinkedIn email finder to scrape emails and give you the contact details you need, along with other important information. You can work directly from the list I send you or use the data to enhance your CRM records. Did I mention that the data is ready to use right away?

Extract email addresses from LinkedIn profile URLs

If you have a list of LinkedIn users and need their valid email addresses, I can help you. Send me those URLs, and I’ll do all the work to get you the needed data.

Imagine how much time and effort you’ll save by not having to search for each person’s email address! With my help, you’ll quickly have the contact data and everything else you need.

No more manual LinkedIn search

Say goodbye to manual LinkedIn searches for email addresses! No more endless scrolling through LinkedIn search results or copying and pasting LinkedIn profiles from spreadsheets. I can do it all for you.

Whether you need to reach out to potential clients, expand your LinkedIn network or gather information, my LinkedIn email scraping service is your solution. My clients see excellent results with their targeted cold outreach and email marketing campaigns thanks to verified email addresses I scrape from LinkedIn.

With my done-for-you service, I can retrieve all publicly available data for you, regardless of the number of records. Take advantage of my top-of-the-line email scraping service and streamline your workflow. You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort you’ll save and how much more productive you’ll become. So why wait?

LinkedIn email extractor FAQs

When choosing a LinkedIn email extractor service, look for a service provider with a proven track record of success. Consider factors like accuracy, speed, and the ability to customize searches to meet your needs.

Not if I do it for you. When I extract emails from LinkedIn with my software, I never use my clients’ email addresses. Linkedin can’t connect my activity to your personal account or company domain.

Hiring a contractor is safer than using LinkedIn email extractor tools that require access to your LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Make sure you work with a trustworthy service provider. Read reviews and ask for references before choosing your collaborators.

Hiring someone to search LinkedIn profiles can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. It can also provide you with more accurate and comprehensive data than you can obtain alone.

Yes. My services include testing all the email addresses I scrape from LinkedIn with the best email verification tool available. This tool checks email addresses for accuracy and helps me eliminate any that can negatively impact your outreach efforts.


Describe what data you need to scrape from LinkedIn or simply ask a question to discuss your project. I'll get you well taken care of.