Hi, I'm Cung,

a professional LinkedIn data scraper and automation geek

I created my own precise and efficient data scraping software to extract data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator faster than anyone else. I can scrape high volumes of LinkedIn data with fast turnarounds to offer a cost-effective, time-saving, done-for-you service.

A few years ago, I was a consultant for several companies that wanted to gather information about potential customers from LinkedIn with a few clicks. I quickly realized that the process was causing more problems than solving them. The data scraping tools were slow, unreliable, and often couldn’t provide the LinkedIn data in the exact format clients needed.

I had to find a better solution! That’s when I decided to develop my own LinkedIn scraping tool. I spent countless hours researching and testing different methods, refining the algorithm until it was precise, efficient, and highly flexible.

Now, I get to scrape public data from Linkedin with a top-of-the-class tool and deliver the information my clients need in a fraction of the time they would spend using other scraping tools.

I deliver top-quality services and still find time to play with my children, travel with my family, and play football with my friends.

Why Cung.pro?

My service is precisely what you need when it comes to LinkedIn scraping. I gather all the information you need so you get impressive amounts of LinkedIn data extremely quickly and without connecting my tool to your LinkedIn profile, business page, or Sales Navigator account.

I also deliver the data in the format you need so you can use it immediately.

I offer a done-for-you service, which means I do all the work for my clients. You’ll discover it’s a great and cost-effective way to save time and hassle, so you can focus on what’s truly important to your business, like closing deals and consolidating customer relationships.

LinkedIn data scraping at scale

I designed my software to handle large volumes of publicly available data from LinkedIn profiles, company pages, LinkedIn groups, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This way, I can quickly and efficiently scrape massive amounts of data, which most off-the-shelf services simply can’t do. My clients can get the exact data they need, no matter how much of it there is.

Real-time data from LinkedIn

Most scraping services rely on weeks or months-old cached data stored in their database. I changed that. My software can scrape LinkedIn profiles, groups, and company pages for the most recent information, so you can stay ahead of the curve and make better, more informed decisions. It’s the best service to monitor specific markets or industries where time-sensitive information can make a big difference.

A fast and accurate process

I can deliver all the data you need from thousands of LinkedIn profiles to help you act quickly to capitalize on emerging trends or opportunities in your industry. My program is fast and highly customizable, allowing me to tailor my approach to your needs and scrape the data in record time. With my done-for-you service, you’ll save time and resources to invest in your company.

Risk-free data scraping

I make scraping LinkedIn safe and straightforward because my software doesn’t require access to your LinkedIn profile or Sales Navigator account. You get contact data, company data, job titles, numbers of employees, and more with zero risk of suspension or ban by LinkedIn. You can continue to use the social media platform as before, as there is no connection between your online activity and my scraping service.

My reputation is your guarantee

I am highly passionate about providing exceptional service to my clients, and I can help you get what you need in your format of choice.

I take great pride in working closely with my clients to ensure that I fully understand their needs and expectations, and I’m always happy to provide a small test run so that you know what to expect.

As a result of my commitment to delivering outstanding results, more than half of my work comes from repeat business from past clients.

What clients like about my LinkedIn data scraping service

I’m incredibly proud of my track record and outstanding reviews — for more reviews and other details about my experience in this industry, please check out my UpWork profile.


Describe what data you need to scrape from LinkedIn or simply ask a question to discuss your project. I'll get you well taken care of.